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Bike Banff has Banff’s newest and largest fleet of rental e-bikes and fat bikes!

Our Bike Rentals

Explore Banff in a unique way! Check out our available categories of bike rentals ranging from Comfort E-Cruisers to Winter Fat Bikes. We have a set of wheels to suit your needs!

Guided E-Bike Tours

Want to maximise your time and learn a little something along the way? Let our qualified and friendly guides show you around our favourite Banff spots.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out all of the most common questions we get from our customers. We strive to exceed expectations to ensure you get the most enjoyment on your visit.

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Comfort Cruiser E-Bike Rentals

Choose from ether our premium Gazelle, or iGO comfort cruiser electric bikes that will have you effortly cruising to all of Banff's best spots! Reserve for up to 8 hours of fun!

Winter Fat Bike Rentals

Welcome to Banff, where winter biking adventures await! Discover the snowy wonderland of the Canadian Rockies with our premium fat bikes, perfect for tackling the winter trails in and around Banff.

E-Mountain Bike Rentals

Explore Banff and the surounding mountain bike trails on a premium E-mountain Bike. Ride in style on your Scott Strike eRide mountain Bike while checking out Banff's best viewpoints and local mountain bike trails.

Mountain Bike Rentals

Ride in style on your Scott Spark Full Suspention Mountain Bike while checking out Banff's best viewpoints and local mountain bike trails.

Hybrid Cruiser Bike Rentals

Cruise in style and comfort on your Scott Sub Cross pedal bike while checking out Banff's best viewpoints.

Child & Youth Bike Rental

Wheather riding local bike paths or making first tracks on the local single track trails the Scott Roxter bikes are the perfect ride!

Child Trailer & Seat Rentals

Always up for an adventure, the Burley heavy-duty Cub X Rental bike trailer allows the little ones to explore with you, while keeping your kiddos comfy and secure.

All bike rentals include a helmet and lock to secure your bike.

Bike Banff is your quickest and easiest access to the stunning views of Banff by bike with ample FREE CUSTOMER PARKING!

Guided E-Bike Tours

Tours are ridden at a leisurely pace, but the beauty of modern e-bikes is the level of ‘motor assist’ can be tailored to the individual.

Exploring Banff by Bike

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Conquer the Snow-Covered Trails on a Fat Bike!

Welcome to Bike Banff!

Check out the Sightseeing Chairlift, Via Ferrata and the Cliffhouse Bistro!

The Best Places To Visit in Banff on a E-Bike!

Does biking make you thirsty?

Join the Bike 4 Brews challenge!