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Make this the highlight of your visit to Banff!

Banff’s newest and largest fleet of rental e-bikes.

Located at the Banff Train Station, we are just a short walk from downtown Banff, on the Roam transit route, and have ample reserved customer parking available. Banff Bike is your quickest and easiest access to the stunning views of Banff by e-bike!

Rent for a half day or explore Banff National Park for a full day by bike. Our friendly staff will share their favourite spots and make suggestions on where you should head to first.

Bike Service

We offer a variety of bike service options!

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3-hours - $59

Full Day - $94

iGO is a Canadian pioneer of e-bikes, designing electric assisted bikes since 2006. The selected iGO model delivers an easy to mount frame with a powerful, dynamic mid mounted motor system, delivering the advantages of electric assist to seamlessly enhance the traditional riding experience.


3-hours - $69

Full Day - $109

Gazelle e-bikes, exclusively powered by Bosch motors, are at the top end of e-bikes worldwide. Offering confidence-boosting stability on the road thanks to a low center of gravity, the Gazelle Ultimate C8 HMB is the perfect bike for riders of all abilities and experience.

All e-bike rentals include a helmet and lock to secure your bike.

Guided E-bike Tours

Tours are ridden at a leisurely pace, but the beauty of modern e-bikes is the level of ‘motor assist’ can be tailored to the individual.

Bike Maintenance Services

We offer a variety of bike service options! It is recommended to have your bike serviced regularly to prevent any potential issues and ensure your bike is in good working condition.

Basic Tune-up

This includes cleaning and lubricating the bike's chain, adjusting brakes and gears, and inflating tires.

Wheel Truing

This involves straightening the wheels and tightening the spokes to ensure a smooth and safe ride.

Brake Service

This includes replacing brake pads, adjusting the brake cables, and checking the brake fluid levels for hydraulic brakes.

Gear Adjustments

This includes adjusting the derailleur and shifters, replacing worn cables, and checking the chain for wear and tear.

Flat Tire Repair

This involves removing the tire, replacing the tube, and re-inflating the tire.