Summer Hours 9am - 7pm

Banff Train Station

Cafe & Services

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Gear down!

At our location, we have a small café that offers a variety of coffee and tea options, including espresso, cappuccino, latte, and herbal teas. In addition to coffee and tea, we also serve fresh juices, smoothies, pastries, sandwiches, salads, and other light fare. We’ve got a casual and cozy atmosphere, with comfortable seating and a relaxed ambiance. 

We’re a great spot to socialize, read, work, or simply relax while enjoying a hot beverage or a light snack.  We’ve also got an amazing ice cream bar – the perfect place to enjoy a cool treat after your ride!

Bike Service

We offer a variety of bike service options!

Bike Maintenance Services

We offer a variety of bike service options! It is recommended to have your bike serviced regularly to prevent any potential issues and ensure your bike is in good working condition.

Basic Tune-up

This includes cleaning and lubricating the bike's chain, adjusting brakes and gears, and inflating tires.

Wheel Truing

This involves straightening the wheels and tightening the spokes to ensure a smooth and safe ride.

Brake Service

This includes replacing brake pads, adjusting the brake cables, and checking the brake fluid levels for hydraulic brakes.

Gear Adjustments

This includes adjusting the derailleur and shifters, replacing worn cables, and checking the chain for wear and tear.

Flat Tire Repair

This involves removing the tire, replacing the tube, and re-inflating the tire.